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17/01/2013   Structural framework for covalent inhibition of Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin A by targeting Cys165.
06/11/2012   Working at CEA with an European grant
25/10/2012   CEA Techno Autumn issue releaseed
24/10/2012   Coming to work at CEA Saclay? Find all useful information to prepare your stay on the International Office website
17/09/2012   Nuclear energy training in france 2012 / 2013 by I2EN
24/07/2012   CEA news : HYDROGEN from the lab to the real world
12/03/2012   Clefs n°60 : Chemistry everywhere
03/10/2011   14-15 December 2011, Paris : NanoLinen WorkShop. 1st call and registration
06/07/2011   Temperature- and hydration-dependent internal dynamics of stripped human erythrocyte vesicles studied by incoherent neutron scattering
13/05/2011   The Proximal Hydrogen Bond Network Modulates Bacillus subtilis Nitric-oxide Synthase Electronic and Structural Properties.
06/04/2011   Recognition of Sulfonylurea Receptor (ABCC8/9) Ligands by the Multidrug Resistance Transporter P-glycoprotein (ABCB1)
15/02/2011   "On rust in concrete"
15/01/2011   French President visits Nano-Innov
01/12/2010   "Lasers at the CEA and generat ion IV: development of the first prototype reactor", CEA News automn 2010
16/11/2010   "Dark Matter All Around" : a focused workshop on dark matter detection phenomenology
12/07/2010   The turbulent past of the black hole in our Milky Way
14/06/2010   Eurotalents : CEA new fellowship opportunities in 5 scientifics fields
16/04/2010   6th edition of the "TeV Particle Astrophysics" conference
28/03/2010   FORFIRE : Micromegas in the fight against forest fires.
16/02/2010   IRFU applies its nuclear expertise in the field of high-power lasers
12/02/2010   Tokaï-Kamioka in one millisecond: the first neutrinos from T2K
20/10/2009   A place for composites in tomorrow's reactors
12/10/2009   ERC-Starting grant awarded to Dr Fabien Quéré, CEA Saclay, Iramis institute
01/07/2009   CEA Techno(s) n°93 : special issue "Nanotechnologies"
19/06/2009   A new state of matter inside your computer ?
06/05/2009   Single-crystal diamonds for medical dosimetry
25/02/2009   Tamaris installation at CEA Saclay involved in the Européan E-Fast project (Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing)
24/02/2009   eISP, an innovative processor for HD video in mobile telephones
18/02/2009   Successful testing of future ion accelerator modules for the SPIRAL2 project
13/02/2009   Image search in Wikipedia: CEA LIST in a leading position worldwide
21/01/2009   High-performance computing: vast possibilities
17/12/2008   ICOS : the LSCE coordinates the preparation of a new European Research Infrastrucure to understand greenhouse gases emissions
28/10/2008   CEA TECHNO(S) 90 : extremely powerful ultrashort laser pulses
24/09/2008   The target site of anti-Alzheimer drugs observed ‘live’
23/07/2008   The hidden shapes of atomic nuclei
28/05/2008   GENCI together with the CEA order a Bull NovaScale supercomputer to speed up innovation and fundamental research
04/05/2008   Characterisation of Ariane cryogenic pumps by CEA-LIST
15/02/2008   3-month-old infants possess number sense