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PhD proposals at the CEA laboratories

Thesis topics : PhD proposals at the CEA laboratories for the 2008-2009 academic year

Every year, CEA grants thesis allowances for high level students that prepare their research work in its laboratories. In 2007, over 230 thesis contracts (3 years) have been granted that cover the full salary (gross montly wage : € 1990.25 during the first two years, € 2049.75 the third year).


In addition, 60 thesis contracts have also been granted in 2007 with the financial participation of an industrial, a research organism or another institutional partner (French region) (see : "Thèses : Financement / Candidatures" on our Website for information on the different types of CEA Thesis Contracts).


Thesis subjects proposed by CEA laboratories and eligible for such grants for the next academic year are posted in the following pages. These are refreshed very often to account for newly proposed thesis positions in CEA laboratories as science and technology progress.


Now available open CEA theses are arranged and ordered :

by research domain :
Corpuscular Physics and outer Space,
Solid state Physics,
Chemistry and Nanosciences,
Theoretical Physics,
Engineering Sciences,
Earth and Environmental Sciences,
Life Sciences,
by CEA operational division :
Military Applications,
Nuclear Energy,
Technological Research,
Physical Sciences,
Life Sciences.



A number of PhD projects in the fields of life sciences are associated with the CEA International PhD program in Life Sciences.

NB : Thesis proposals published in these pages are in the process of being fully evaluated by an « École Doctorale », the academic institution with which the thesis work is being elaborated. The « École Doctorale » evaluates the significance and scientific originality of the thesis, its feasibility and professional characteristics in terms of future career position opportunities in science and/or industrial R&D, together with the availability and receptiveness of the thesis tutor/supervisor.
Consequently, thesis subjects posted on these pages may be slightly adapted or updated in the following weeks. Potential candidates are therefore invited to visit regularly our website and/or to keep in touch with the contact person.