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Technological research


Thanks to considerable progress in the nuclear field, CEA has developed skills that put it at the leading edge of European technical research.

In Saclay, some of the research involves development of instrumentation and nondestructive test procedures, with many applications in nuclear science, aeronautical and automobile engineering, armaments, petrochemicals, new technology in energy or mechanics.

Other research is performed on innovative materials (ceramics, shape memory alloys, nano-materials), and on on-board expert systems, used in networks, transportation or mobile telephones.



The Henri Becquerel National Laboratory (LNHB), a member of the national metrology office, stores and updates the national metrological records on ionising radiation. Its research has, for example, introduced greater accuracy in measuring the radioactive elements present in very small quantities in the environment, or adjustment of radio-therapy dosages.

The CEA also promotes a voluntary technology transfer policy, using partnership research contracts, licensing or help for development of new business companies.

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