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Working at CEA with an European grant


Are you a scientist who wants to work at the CEA? The project “Enhanced Eurotalents” of the CEA is for you. Dedicated to the international mobility of researchers and with 10 million euros of funding from the European Commission, it will be launched in early 2013 for a duration of 5 years. It is expected to accommodate, in the CEA, 248 researchers per year to conduct work in four areas of science (energy and climate change; disruptive technologies; life sciences and biotechnologies; high energy physics and physics of the Universe). A panel of international experts will evaluate the applications provided as a simple file. The grant will fund up to 40% of the researcher’s salary. With this project of 10 million euros, the CEA confirms its position as a major European actor in the field of international researcher mobility.

More informations : http://eurotalents.cea.fr

Thanks to the first edition of Eurotalents, initiated in 2009 and that will end late February 2013, 84 international post-docs and senior researchers could be welcomed at the CEA. They could join laboratories of the CEA to conduct research projects that they had proposed themselves.

A first assessment indicates that: 266 resumes were received,165 contacts were made in a laboratory, 103 projects were submitted by the candidates, 21 women and 63 men were recruited, including 32 from the European Union.